Kazuhiro Takemoto

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, jazz major at the top of class.
Studied jazz piano under Makoto Ozone, Satoru Shionoya, and Takana Miyamoto.
Activity history
2020/11 Selected as a guitar quartet member of Satoshi Inoue, who continues to lead the Japanese jazz and guitar world, and released the album "9 Songs”release.
2020/11 At the zoom online event "Improvisation by Piano DUO x Reading Live" Mimi wo sumasu "" sponsored by Katsumi Watanabe, a collaboration session was held with Mr. Satoru Shionoya on the improvisation of Piano DUO.
2020/8 From Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings Co., Ltd. Released his first debut 1st EP "I Pray / Kazuhiro Takemoto”.
2020/8 Selected as a Rising Star at "Makoto Ozone featuring NO NAME HORSES" held at Blue Note Tokyo and appeared as a guest.
2019~ Selected as a piano trio member of Japan's leading bassist Yosuke Inoue, and released the album "New Stories”. Currently in the middle of a national tour of over 50 locations.
2019/11 Held a collaboration live between the 57th Grammy Award-nominated violinist Meg Okura and Kazuhiro Takemoto's own jazz piano trio "KKJ Trio".
Award history
2018/3 Yatabe Award ※When I graduated from Kunitachi College of Music jazz major.
2012/1 First place in the A category of the YEC Electone World Championships.
2020/11 Satoshi Inoue CD「9 Songs」
2020/08 Kazuhiro Takemoto EP「I Pray」
2019/01 Yosuke Inoue CD 「New Stories」

Photo by Leslie Kee