Ryunosuke Yamagishi

Born in 1999. Singer and song writer, guitarist from Osaka pref. Japan.
When he was in kindergarten, he had a chance to play a session with guitarist ""Char"" famous known in Japan and world wide. The session held was broadcasted on TV show (Sanma's Super Karakuri TV) and that made his name spread through out to the country.
He also had a chance to show his skills as ""Ryunosuke Band"" on TV show in Korea by SBS Broadcast Station, popular show called ""Star King"" (놀라운 대회 스타킹).
In 2013, he started a super funk band called ""LIFE IS GROOVE"" with KenKen and Monsieur Kamayatsu, a unique band to over come the difference of all ages and times, connected together with groove of music. When he was still a teenager, he successfully played a show with the band at Blue Note and Billboard, a sanctuary for all musicians. After that, he kept his career up at music festivals such as RISING SUN ROCK FES, SUMMER SONIC, Taiwan FORMZ and many more.
In 2015, he played at ""ROCK FES CONCERT"" as a guest, invited from Char.
In 2017, released a first CD called ""1st CD"".
In 2018, released a second CD called ""Nichijyou"". Held a solo live show in Tokyo and Osaka.
In 2019, released his first full album ""Mirai Agitation"", went on a tour around 5 major cities. He played together with world famous jazz pianist Makoto Ozone in Blue Note and also played on his album as a guitarist.
His 3rd leading song CD ""Way to life"" was digitally released. Its' solid sound of guitar and well harmonized chorus work caught many people to recognized his music talent.
In 2020, joined a world's biggest music industry festival ""NAMM SHOW 2020"".
Played his guitar as for many musicians and artist such as Momoiro Clover Z and Mitsuko Horie.
Also a member of a band as a guitar, called ""YGNT"" with gorgeous line up of a member, together with Takuya Yamanaka from a band THE ORAL CIGARETTES.
Very active on many genre and scenes not only as a singer, songwriter, guitar player. Beyond borders to support and to provide sound of his guitar and music skills.
Photo by Leslie Kee