Shunya Nakabayashi

1997, Born in KANAGAWA, Japan. Started to play Jazz Saxophone at the age of 10, started to play at Live Houses since high school. Entered KUNITACHI College of Music in 2016, studied Jazz Saxophone with Atsushi Ikeda, classical Saxphone with Kuninobu Bando. He became a concert master of Gemstones Jazz Orchestra, and Played at “TOKYO JAZZ 2018” as a member of JFC (Jazz Festival at Conservatory) All Star Jazz Orchestra.
He formed his own Trio in 2019 and had a very successful tour within Japan including NAGOYA, OSAKA, KANAZAWA, TOYAMA, and TOKYO. In 2019, He graduated from KUNITACHI at the top of the list, with YATABE (the best student) award. Also invited by Makoto Ozone to be a special guest on his Solo Concert in Tokyo in 2021. He is now an official member of “from OZONE till Dawn”
He played on the Live Streaming from BLUENOTE TOKYO along with Makoto Ozone special project band in August (with no audience), and played again at the BLUENOTE TOKYO in September with the same special band with Makoto Ozone. He also is invited to play on the Tour as a member of Makoto Ozone’s group with Special Guest Lisa Ono.  
Photo by Leslie Kee