From OZONE till DAWN


In January 2020, a pandemic with COVID-19 struck the world.
All movements around the world have been stopped, infections have killed many lives, and people around the world are still facing anxiety. Not only we professional musicians, but also the places where many next-generation artists with great talents who are about to fly will meet you, and you will be deprived of the time and opportunity to be refined.
All musicians grow by exposing themselves and playing in front of you. Gary Burton, Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Jones, Jon Hendricks, and Chick Corea who left us in February 2021, just as I was given the opportunity to grow by these great legends, I started this project with my partner Misuzu Kanno, centering on young musicians who will lead the future. The musicians who gather here are already possessing outstanding talent and musicality, but humbly face the music head-on, and are full of positive energy. I truly believe that they will continue to change and grow with remarkable momentum and become musicians who can bring dazzling light to your heart.
Recently, Russia has begun to invade Ukraine now that a little light has shined ahead of the pandemic of COVID-19, and the war is still going on as of June 2022 very unfortunately. The art of music transcends gender and skin color to start with, as well as language and various thoughts, and connects people's hearts and minds in real time. "Good music" is needed now because of this. There is an expression in English “From Dusk till Dawn”. This project likened the beautiful earth to the “OZONE layer” and named it with the image of the light rising from it.
I'm really excited for you to meet the rare talents of future stars full of creativity and their wonderful sensibilities.
May the dawn be a world full of music that you have nurtured, not a desolate world.
Makoto Ozone & Misuzu Kanno
Design by Atsushi Yamanaka
Design director by Risa Nishimura