March 31st and April 1st, 2022 "THE PIANO"


March 31st and April 1st, 2022, “From OZONE till Dawn” came back to BLUENOTE TOKYO. Only this time, with 3 pianos only with Kazuhiro Takemoto, Kento Tsubosaka, and Makoto Ozone, entitled “THE PIANO”
It’s not unusual to hear Piano Duet music, but it become dramatically “rare” as soon as you add the 3rd piano. It’s the nature of this instrument called Piano, as it can play all the music by itself. It already requires for the pianists to be a great listener when you play with another pianist in a duet format. So, you can imagine how challenging it is to put together 3 pianos and playing at the same time. But they knew that worrying was unnecessary once they started to play together. It was an instantaneous “Green sign” from the first note. You can see from their faces off those photos.
Many Thanks to YAMAHA Artist Services of TOKYO to provide two “CFX” concert grand pianos. And they’ve added Fender “RHODES” as the 3rd piano. The Performance began with The TRIO piece, and it led to variety of DUETS, and onto SOLO pieces. This show with 3 pianos with the length of a little over an hour seemed not long enough to explore the possibilities of making music with 3 Pianos. They played all original compositions except one standard that Kento Tsubosaka played. He did a solo version of “Good Morning Heartache” (recorded here) with such original and innovative arrangement. Kazu Takemoto played a solo piece of his own called “Tranquility” that completely mesmerized the audience.
This Concert definitely showed that the possibilities of making music with 3 pianos have no limit.